Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Melissa and Doug!

We received a shipment from Melissa and Doug today with some great toys. If you toddler is anything like mine then they will love these. Isabelle loves to pretend with her Melissa and Doug Pizza Party and now we are carrying the Birthday Cake, Ice Cream Parlor, and Cutting Fruit.

Also, I want to remind everyone that our See Kai Run shoes are 40% off! We are receiving our Spring shoes next week so we need to make room on the shelf!
Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New bag in the press and Pout has it! (oh and all See Kai Runs 40% OFF!!)

JJ Cole's NEW Mode Tote Bag and Tactic Changing Purse will be featured in BOTH Pregnancy Magazine and Parent Magazine for the month of February. Pregnancy has featured 3 of JJ Cole's products, including the Tactic Changing Purse, as the 120 BEST PRODUCTS for MOM & BABY (running February – May.) We just received this model today and it's adorable. Priced at just $30 how can you NOT buy one?

Lots of new clothing lines will be arriving in the next few weeks in our expanded sizes (up to 4T) as well as our new shipment of See Kai Run shoes. We are so excited for their Spring is to die for. Holly and I MAY have ordered one of each pair for our girls.....oops.....we couldn't resist!
Anyway to make room for our new shipment we need to get rid of some of our current stock. For that reason, all of our current See Kai Runs will be marked 40% off starting today!!!
Hope to see you soon!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Grow up!

Old school high chairs are definitely getting a run for their money with all the cool boosters and space saving portable high chairs on the market. Mutsy's Grow Up booster is one of these great boosters that strap to your dining room chair and allow your little one to eat right at the table with the rest of the family. Because it features a 5-point harness (which converts to a lap belt as your child grows), you can use this as soon as your little one is able to sit independently until they are approximately 4 years old! It doesn't hurt that they are totally cute either....check them out.

They come in the above colors....aqua, mandarin orange, raspberry, and apple green.
Also, for those of you waiting for our new BumGenius shipment, it's here. We have a pretty good stock of all colors so stop in soon because these babies go quick!
Hope you all have a great Friday!
Kris & Holly

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This week we received a couple of great new items that we've been waiting for. Haba Toys is one of them and we are so excited to finally have them on our shelves!

HABA is one of the oldest toymakers from Germany. Founded in 1938, HABA has continued to “stand up for the little guy” by making high quality toys and games for babies and young children. In a world where infant safety is more important than ever before, HABA toys are a great choice that will stand the test of time. These are the toys that are passed down through the generations. In German, HABA stands for “high quality products and age appropriate materials.” HABA also “stands up for the little guy” by supporting small businesses and partnering with boutique retailers rather than the Big Box stores. Clearly, this toy maker values traditional values, in its toys and also in its relationships. That’s why we love HABA! Along with some adorable necklace/ring/bracelet combos for toddler girls, we received these great "grasping toys" for babies.

We also received these ADORABLE pacifier clips which we've had many requests for....

We also received another shipment of our Bumkins starter and super waterproof bibs (which I use and absolutely love) but also got a sleeved bib for those extra messy eaters. These are also great to use for art smocks as well. We received a variety of fun prints so you'll have to stop in and check them out.
Have a great day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pettiskirt reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be ordering pettiskirts on Wednesday so if you are interested in a certain size/color, please let us know by tomorrow. Refer to our January 8th post for all the color and size options. Call the store at 701-356-7688 or email Kris at

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabelle!

Three years ago today my baby was born! Time has gone by so quickly and I can't believe how fast she is growing up.A look back....
4 days old

3 months

six months First Birthday!
My favorite baby sleeping position.

I was sad when she quit sleeping like this.

15 months 18 months
2 years2 1/2

My three year old!

I know that all of you parents out there know how hard it is to adequately describe how you feel about your children. I wish I had the words to tell Isabelle how much I love her - I'm not even sure it can be described, but I do my best every day. We sing songs each night before she goes to bed and her favorite is one she calls the bedtime song. I wish I could credit who sings it, but I don't know. This is how it goes...

It's the same old story, yes it's nothing new

just a dream from heaven and a wish come true.

In a flash of glory, in a ray of light,

welcome to the world that will hold you tight.

Welcome to the world that's shiny and new.

Welcome to a lifetime of dreams come true.

Welcome to the joy of living each day.

Love is all around you and here to stay.

I am here beside you, I am here to stay.

I will keep you safe and never go away.

As you look around you and when you're fast asleep.

All the love I give you is yours to keep.

Happy birthday sweet girl!

I love you!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Since opening almost six months ago (can you believe it's been 6 months already???), the Babysoy clothing line has been one of our bestsellers. Babysoy is the 1st company in the world to create baby's newborn wardrobe using soybean protein fiber. They feature modern baby layettes made from eco-friendly soybean fiber. Babysoy is conscientious and green by using renewable natural resources as the raw material for their baby wear --- which is the leftover pulp from tofu, soymilk and other soy products. Yeah so it kind of sounds gross but the fabric is soft and beautiful. We have always carried the Kimono Onepiece but here are some of the new body styles that they recently released which arrived at Pout yesterday!! yay!

These are just a few of the colors we have but you'll have to stop in and check them out. As usual, it is so much better in person. Eggplant is a new color in their collection and it's gorgeous! We also received a full stock of the adorable double knot hats in all colors which always go really fast so if you're looking for a cute hat for pictures or just for every day, you'll have to stop in soon.
On another note, if you are still wanting to put in a special request for a particular color/size of pettiskirt, we'll be placing the order by the 20th so please email asap if you are interested in one. The 0-6mo size is $50 and anything bigger than that is $70.....and worth every penny!!
We also want to thank all of you have braved the freezing temps this week to come shopping!!
Hope to see you all again soon.
Kris & Holly

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Potty Toppers

I have to admit, since my little Lucy is only 20 months old, I haven't given much thought to the ins and outs of potty training. I'm trying to stay in denial as long as possible. On one hand it would be great to be rid of diapers, but on the other the stress of potty training makes me cringe! Plus the fact that I refuse to admit that my baby is turning into a toddler might have something to do with it. Anyway, a few weeks back we had a customer asked if we had anything to put on public toilets so her daughters little hands wouldn't have to touch the disgusting seat. After she left, I thought more about my Lucy and how I pretty much can't stand the thought of her having to put her tiny little hands on a gross seat with God only know what on it and made it my mission to find SOMETHING to serve this purpose! This is what I found and I think it's perfect.....super easy to slip in a diaper bag and disposible so you don't have to deal with it after it's used.

These are perfect for when you're out and about and your little one has to go RIGHT NOW!

We have these in several different prints - stop in and check them out!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pettiskirts anyone???

So, now that the holidays are over, people can start thinking about 2009. Birthday parties, Valentines day, Easter.....the list of special events is never ending. Anyway, we have had a ton of requests lately for our pettiskirts and while we were looking at placing an order we thought maybe we should see if anyone else out there is wanting a special color and/or size. These are the colors we are able to order.

Pink/Raspberry or Raspberry

Light pink or Raspberry/orange

Red or Turquoise


The come in the following sizes: 0-6 month, 12mo (which typically fits 6-12mo) , and 18mo (which typically fits anything from 12-24mo), Small (2-4T), Medium (4-6T. We don't currently carry the Mediums in store but have had a few special requests and are able to order them if needed.
Just picture your little beauties in one of these gorgeous pettis!!
Please let us know by January 20th if you would like a certain size and/or color. Email me at
I also wanted to mention that we will be getting a lot of new clothing for both boys and girls (up to 4t) in mid to late January and February so keep an eye on our blog for the new arrivals!
Have a great rest of the week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pout in The Forum!

Check out the article that The Forum did on Pout today! A big thanks to our great customers Lanie and Mandy for helping us out with our article.

Kris & Holly

Monday, January 5, 2009

If you haven't noticed....

Winter is in full swing and it is COLD! We thought we'd offer a "cold weather special" that includes 30% OFF all WINTER HATS and 20% OFF JJ Cole Bundle Me's. If you have a newborn or are due between now and Spring, a Bundle Me is a must have! We have a good stock of colors right now which include hot pink, aqua, bright lime green, chocolate brown, black, and silver.

Also, if you are not from the Fargo-Moorhead area and see something on our blog that interests you just give us a call at 701-356-POUT (7688). We offer $5 flat rate shipping on all purchases.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kris & Holly