Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm excited to announce a new weekly feature to the blog called....WOOT WOOT Wednesdays! I always have customers calling/emailing/texting about how much they love something they bought here at the store and I thought what better advertising could there be? So here it is, our very first....
Customer: Jess - A busy momma of four cute kiddos.
Item: the Keekaroo Cafe Booster seat
Why she thinks its "woot woot" worthy (in her words):
"When looking for an alternative to the high chair for my toddler, my biggest concerns were my child's safety and not damaging the chair. After looking at many boosters, I knew the Keekaroo Booster was the right choice. I I love that the booster is secured to the chair, and my child is secured to the booster seat. Except for the straps, the chair cleans up very easily. Plus, after our child outgrows it, I will keep it for little guests because it's very small to store."
And how cute is her lil one showing off her seat?
Thanks so much Jess. I'm so glad you love it!

For more on the booster, click here.

If YOU want to rave about something you purchased here at Pout, shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, May 25, 2012

For all you Memorial Weekend SHOPPERS!

While many of us will be out of town this holiday weekend, I know many of you great customers will be in town and in the mood to SHOP! Well just for you, we'd like to offer a special SALE....

Starting today, Friday May 25th through Sunday, May 27th we'll be offering 20% OFF all REGULAR priced clothing in the store. Stop in and check out all the new Spring goodies. Katie, Abby, and Crystal will be here throughout the weekend while Lu and I are off to visit our favorite guy for the weekend.

Remember we will be closed Monday for Memorial Day.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Had to share...

A friend of mine got me hooked on this awesome gals website and I had to share this... Check her out at

This is Your Guarantee of Failure. Proceed anyway.
You will fail. At some point. More than once.
You will get hurt.
You’re going to get dumped, broken up with. Betrayed, even.
Heart broken. Heart.BROKEN.
You might get kicked out, rejected, canned. Denied entry.
Not invited.
You will be criticized.
You will be denied.
You’ll be too late.
You’ll give up too soon.
You’ll misread the fine print, sign a bad deal, and it’ll cost ya — dearly. You will miss opportunities, miss the mark, let some precious part of life pass you by. You won’t win. You will lose.
You will be wounded and you’ll have scars — that show.
You’ll have regrets.
And things you wish you could do over.
You’ll say things you wished you had never said.

There will be many, many things that you’ll wish you had said — fiercely loving and bravely tender things, righteously justice-rendering things that could change everything — but instead, you’ll fail to rise in the way you wanted to.

There’s no mystery, there’s no avoiding it, and no one born has ever, or will ever, be immune. Failing is as certain as sunsets and detours. So why exert energy avoiding the avoidable? Shift your energy from protecting yourself from failure to squeezing the life out of life.

Let your guard down, take the breaks off, and tear up that insurance policy – it was a rip off anyway. The status quo has been feeding you factory-grade illusions. Sign up, speak up, get out, and get it on. You will fail. At some point. More than once. Guaranteed. Proceed anyway.

Happy Thursday... Kris

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How cute is Holly's lil man Henry in the cute new outfit we got in? It's nice to have a boy around to model for us :)
A few weeks ago for Lu's FIFTH birthday, Holly and I (and her hubby Luke) brought the kiddos on a trip to Minneapolis for a little fun instead of having a big birthday party. Needless to say...we had SO MUCH fun! Here's a few of the highlights.... We surprised the girls with matching Ooh lala outfits for them and their American Girl dolls Rosie & McKenna.
Birthday lunch at American Girl...
Then onto the rides! Seriously...I think this is my favorite picture of the trip! Is it wrong that Holly and I are laughing hysterically while our kids are completely and totally horrified?!
It really was a much needed vacation for all of us. With Holly living in Valley City we just don't see them enough so I think this might have to become an annual tradition.

Also...our Memorial Day hours will be the same as usual with the exception that we will be CLOSED on Monday. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Kris

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big news...

The Nose Frida is back in stock! Yep...I'll try not to run out again, I promise.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I hate to brag....

but a bunch of the products we carry here at Pout Baby & Kids were winners and/or runner's up for the annual Cribsie Awards! Chosen by the general public, the 2012 Cribsie Award winners represent the best brands and products for babies and tots.
Two of my favorite products were winners in their categories.... The Phil & Ted's Lobster was winner of "The One thing you should NEVER travel without"
Always a Pout favorite the Baby Bjorn Soft bib won for "Best pocketed bib for messy eaters"
Other runner's up in their categories were products by Little Giraffe, My Brest friend, Aden & Anais, Baby K'tan, Ergo, and Petunia Picklebottom. Stop in and check out these awesome products if you haven't already! Kris

Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's that time again...

Everyone's favorite Earth Muffin bug spray & bug stick are back in stock and ready for mosquito season!
and don't forget your sunscreen too...
Have a great weeekend! Kris

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Persnickety SALE this weekend only!

This weekend, Persnickety has authorized all retailers to offer 25% off all Spring merchandise! Stop in this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to take advantage of this great offer! Katie
I'm so excited to finally have someone here full time to help me during the week! She has an adorable lil man named Cade who is 2 years old and I'm so glad to have her join the Pout family. I know you will all love her as much as I do.

Tomorrow is my Lucy's FIFTH birthday so I'll have to share some pics of our fun weekend to Minneapolis that we took last week to celebrate. :)

Happy Thursday!