Monday, June 29, 2009

All natural skincare

When we opened last year we tried to find a natural skincare product that was not only "eco-friendly" but that WORKED! Holly has always struggled with this because Isabelle has such sensitive skin so she has tried pretty much everything out there. Fortunately, not only did we find some GREAT products but they are also made by a great girl who is a mom of three beautiful kiddos, a customer of the store, and lives right here in Fargo!! The body butter is the only thing that has truly worked on Isabelle's rough skin and I (along with many other customers) swear by the diaper ointment cream. She also has just come out with a great bug-away stick and spray which we will have in stock shortly. Holly just got the stick and loves it!We also received a great new line this week called Green Elly. This line was also developed by parents who were looking for a natural skincare for their new baby Elly. There line is small but offers a body/hair wash gel and foam, a moisturizer, a Cutie Patootie paste (diaper rash cream), and a Twinkle Time massage gel.

We'd love to hear your comments/feedback about how much you love, or would love to try, any specific product in these lines or just feedback these lines as a whole or on skincare in general. We will pick one random winner to receive one piece from each of these two great lines.
Good luck and have a great week!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun fireworks fashion!!

The 4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays. How can you not love the beautiful weather, fireworks, and all the festivities that surround our country's Independence Day! Of course Holly and I have been planning what our girls will be wearing for this fun red, white, and blue celebration since March when we did our Spring/Summer ordering and seriously, what could be cuter than a 4th of July tutu?!?! For boys we also have flag swim trunks and "peace" rash guard that are so cute, it makes me wish I had a boy too. :)
We have our tutu's custom made so please email or call the store at 701-356-7688 if you'd like to order one. They are typically made to fit 6months-24months with an 18 inch waist but if you'd like to measure you're little ones waist, they can be made any size.
Cute, cute, cute!
And don't even get me started on the fun red, white, and blue hair bows and nail polish!!!
See you soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New muslin products from Aden & Anais

As soon as we started carrying the beautiful Aden & Anais muslin blankets, they were an instant success. In fact we sometimes have a hard time keeping up with the demand! Well, we received another shipment this week so if anyone was waiting for them, stop on in. We also received the hooded towel & muslin washcloth sets which are GREAT! They come in white with orange, pink, or aqua prints and are the same great quality of the blankets and a great price point as well.

Check these out!

I can't wait to try these with Lucy because the towels are actually big enough for a toddler and the washcloths look like they'll be so soft on her skin. I'll keep you posted on how we like them but I'm guessing from the reviews I've read, we'll be back for more.....


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

and the winner is....

Megan B.! Stop in or call to choose which color Safe Sippy2 you'd like. Thanks so much to all of you who commented.

Last Friday, Holly and I were lucky enough to take the girls out for some time together which doesn't happen to often with our busy schedules! By the way, thanks mom for watching the store for a few hours while we had some much needed "girl time". We brought them to the Midwest Kid Fest which was pure chaos but the girls seemed to have fun.

Also, I had a mom-to-be stop in the store yesterday that just moved from Alaska! She was wondering about mom groups and other pre-natal and baby and mom activities she could look into to meet other moms. If any of you have some suggestions, let me know and I'll be sure to pass them along.
Thanks and have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's FINALLY here!

When Pout first opened, the stainless steel Safe Sippy cup was one of our biggest sellers and continues to be almost a year later! When we received word of a new version with some cool features and improvement on the original product, we were so excited to get our hands on it! Lucy and Isabelle both LOVE their Safe Sippys and actually are the only sippys they use anymore. So whether you've tried the original version or not, you've got to try one of these cool new sippy/straw cups!

The Safe Sippy 2 is the world’s first and only 2-in-1 sippy-to-straw bottle. It will also be the only other stainless steel straw bottle option besides Foogo and will offer an unheard of spill-resistant valve!

The Safe Sippy 2 is such an original design, yet still retains all the great features of the original Safe Sippy, plus many more!

New Features
*Dust cap to keep the spout clean
*No-leak travel plug for those days Mom absolutely, positively has no other place to stick The Safe Sippy but her purse
*Straw and straw adaptor that instantly turns The Safe Sippy into a straw bottle – without that pesky extra $15 for another cup

Original Features
*Made from durable, eco-friendly stainless steel
*Angled, straw shaped spout: research has shown that a wide, flat drink spout can cause developmental and speech problems in young mouths
*Outer Sleeve: The rubbery covering surrounding the cup is called TPR, or thermo plasticized rubber. It provides insulation for cold liquids on hot summer days, and protects little hands from the cold. It also acts as a cushion to protect the cup from dents
*Removable Handles: The handles are made with a bumpy texture to help little hands hang onto the cup. Once a child is big enough to grip the bottle using the ribbed waist, the handles can be removed
*Top rack dishwasher safe
*Holds 11 ounces

Leave a comment about why you love your original Safe Sippy or why you'd like to try the Safe Sippy 2 and we'll pick one random winner to win a FREE SAFE SIPPY 2!

COMING SOON - This same company is coming out with a stainless steel Sport bottle for older kids and a stainless steel BABY bottle!!! As always, we'll let you know when they arrive.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New cloth diaper accessories!

After many customer requests, we finally got in cloth diaper liners. These liners help with the mess of poopy diapers and are 100% biodegradable and even flushable! Simply place liner on diaper and when soiled, just flush liner down the toilet or throw away. They come in packs of 100 liners for just $8.00!

Bamboo diaper inserts have also been requested quite a bit so we got these in too. These add absorbency to any cloth diaper with the natural super-abosrber; bamboo! Three layers of luxurious bamboo terrycloth add absorbency with little bulk. Bamboo is easily cultivated and thrives without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. These are especially great for overnights or heavy wetters.

Also....for all of you waiting for our new shipment of BumGenius diapers, I received confirmation that they should arrive this Friday the 19th. If you'd like to pre-pay to reserve specific colors, just call us at 701-356-7688 or stop in.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daddy rocks!

Father's day is this weekend and this week we got in these adorable tanks for girls. Unfortunately the boys version was out of stock but for you girl moms....check these out.
I seriously apologize for my horrible attempt at photography but I couldn't get any images from the company and I had to show these off. Pair it with anything from a tutu to these adorable polka dot rufflebutts by the same company that makes the tanks (again, excuse the bad pictures).
And just for the record, Mommy rocks too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where do I begin?

We have been getting so much new stuff in lately so I'll try to catch you all up....

First of all, that girls line that I told you about last week that I'm in love are some images. Can you stand it????

Lucy and Isabelle both have the orange capri gauchos with the yellow flutter tank and let me tell you, it is so darn adorable!

We also got in our cloth swim diapers which are a must have for summer! They are a basic white so they can be worn under any suit without patterns showing through and they not only contain solid messes but also feature a super absorbant layer inside to absorb wetness and wick away moisture. And at just $11.99 per diaper you will save a TON of money not buying disposibles all summer!!!

And last but not least, the makers of the Mutsy Grow Up booster seat have now added a new color! It still comes in the fun bright apple green, aqua, raspberry, and mandarin orange but now it also comes in a chocolate brown!

If you're not familiar with these boosters, they can be used in place of a high chair as soon as your little one is sitting independently (usually around 7 months) all the way until they no longer need a booster (typically around 4 years old). They are such space savers and its so nice to have all your family at one table. The five point harness can be removed once they are old enough to sit without it which makes it versatile for all ages. We have been selling these for about 6 months now and have gotten rave reviews so far.

We are expecting a lot more new products this summer so keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Have a great week!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Organic teething cloths

Yesterday we got our Bodhi Babies organic teething cloths in and I'm so excited for you mommies with teething babies to try them out! The mom who developed these simple, yet functional cloths was searching for something non-plastic for her babies when they went through uncomfortable teething. What she came up with were these Bodhi Babies teething cloths. Most kids LOVE to chew on washcloths and this is a similar concept just easier for their little hands to hold and you can wet and freeze them too! Other uses include cleaning the gums and teeth after meal time or using them as boo-boo busters. They come in packs of 3 for just $12.95.

We also received an ADORABLE new girls line that I'm trying to get some images for. It is honestly one of my favorite lines so far! Gaucho capris, flutter tanks, and girly moms HAVE to stop in and check these out!

Have a great Friday. :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

too cute!

Last Friday, we got in a new girls line that is so adorable! Kuki Kids is a company that strives to design clothes for little ones with bright vibrant colors that are both functional and fun. The fabric is a thin denim so it's durable for those little ones that are tough on their clothes. I know that Holly and I always love when we can find unique printed pants for our girls because , let's face it, it makes pants more fun! The dresses and skirts are adorable too and because of the weight of the fabric, they can be worn alone or with layers so you can get use out of these pieces all year long.
Oh...and I almost forgot to mention the adorable sunhats!!! Why don't they make this stuff in my size?

I also wanted to let all of you Daily Tea lovers know that the Early Fall line will be arriving in July! We got a sneak peak a few months ago and both the boys and girls are so fun! We will let you know when the shipment arrives.
Have a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


We got a GREAT new product today! Supergoop is an organic eco-friendly sunscreen that has gotten rave reviews. Supergoop stays "green" with no artificial colors, no unnecessary chemical additives, and no animal-testing. Supergoop isn't just for kids - it is great for the entire family!
We are carrying a 5oz spray sunscreen, a 1.6oz sunscreen, a 4oz combination sunscreen and bugspray, and my favorite, the sunscreen stick.

Stop in and check it out!
Kris & Holly

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Breast milk = gold

If you moms who breastfeed/fed are anything like Holly and I, you know that when you go through all the work of pumping breast milk, every little ounce feels as valuable as GOLD! When Lucy was little there was nothing worse than having daycare/daddy/grandparents defrost more breastmilk than your little one can handle and having precious pumped milk go to waste! That first few months especially, babies start taking more milk just a little at a time so, at the suggestion of my daycare, I started using breast milk trays to freeze my breast milk in one ounce servings. I would throw the one ounce cubes in a labeled ziploc and they could defrost as much or as little as they needed. So that brings me to the new product we received today.

Notable attributes of Milk Trays™ are:
Total of sixteen semi-cylinder cavities that equal one ounce each, eliminating waste common with nurser bags These one-ounce Milk Sticks fit through ALL bottle openings, unlike “ice cubes”
Lids that block out freezer burn, eliminate freezer smells and are easy to stack
Slim in size to ensure ample room in the freezer
Withstands temperatures from –40˚ to 212˚ (boiling begins at 212˚)
Plastic that is very flexible making it easy to remove the frozen Milk Sticks.
Reusable and can last, depending on use, for up to one year
Made from hard plastic and does not allow fat soluble nutrients to adhere or cling to the sides like the soft plastic of nurser bags
Invented by breastfeeding, working moms

Milk Trays™ are a safer, easier and more economical choice for you to create a frozen "stash" of breast milk. If you are a working mom, an on-the-go mom, or just a mom wanting the security of knowing that you will never run out of breast milk then Milk Trays™ are the right choice for you!

I hope everyone is enjoying this great weather. Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Piggy paints!

For all you girl moms out there you are going to LOVE the fun product that arrived today! Piggy paints are non-toxic, water based nail polishes for little ones! Lucy loves to have her nails
painted but I HATE seeing her put her fingers in her mouth after I've painted her little nails!!! Well, apparently the mom who invented Piggy Paints felt the same way and decided to do something about it.
Why is Piggy Paint Nail Polish the safe nail polish choice for children?
Water-based formula
Fun, vibrant colors
Dries to a hard, durable finish

All this and it comes in fun colors with names like Girls Rule, Forever Fancy, Angel Kisses, and Twinkle Toes just to name a few. They also offer a great Remover that is safe as well and doesn't contain acetone.

We have lots of new stuff coming in the next few weeks including a new skincare line, a great sunscreen and bugspray line, and of course some cute new clothing lines.
Hope to see you soon!
Kris & Holly