Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally an update! let me first apologize for being so bad about updating the blog!  Between my baby starting Kindergarten, heading to market for Spring 2013, getting in new Fall stuff daily, and going to visit my cute boyfriend out of town it's been crazy around here. 

  First off..check out my girl on her first day of Kindergarten!!!

So far she's loving it but it's been quite an adjustment for me.  Who knew there would be so much "stuff" involved with school!? 

Next, Spring market in Chicago...let me tell you I think Spring 2013 has some of the cutest lines EVER!  Even though I think that about EVERY season it might really be true this time!  Can't wait to start getting it in even though it won't start til January! 

But even more important....check out some of the great new Fall things that are coming in every day!

There is so much coming in every day so be sure to stop in and check things out.   Thanks so much for being patient with my terrible updating and hope to see you soon!