Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hello world.

I actually found this great brand on a blog that I frequent Her daughter was wearing one in a picture and she raved about how great it was so I had to check them out. Turns out that Cindi from Hello World Clothing went to a year of college at NDSU! Anyway, their patent pending SmartZip sleeper is such an awesome idea that I can't wait to use them on my next little one.

Night time changes are here to stay, but who says it has to end that way? Hello World™ Clothing Company has rewritten the story by introducing innovation to common sense. The result literally changes the way you change your baby; from the bottom, where it makes more sense. The patent pending SmartZip™ sleeper has a two-way zipper. Still opening from the top for traditional purposes, but also unzipping from the bottom for quicker, easier access to your baby. No more snaps or one way zippers to fumble with in the dark, and a lot less disrupted baby afterwards. Quicker? Yes. Smarter? Absolutely. Happier Ending? Definitely!
Stop in and check them out!


Sara Ravnaas said...

adorable Kris!!! what a great idea for little ones! Will you be open the day after christmas? we will be passing through and would love to come see you and of course shop! I will need one of these for sure!

Kris said...

I think I will be open but i'm not 100% sure so check the blog that week or the week before and I will be sure to post our Holiday hours.

Mrs. B said...

holy crap, those are amazing!

Lynisha Weeda said...

What a cool idea!

Anonymous said...

Guess I need to come in and check them out - might help out with the new grandson!